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Development Allocations


Development allocations are needed to meet the development strategy.

In many cases, allocations in the existing development plan are being carried forward where they have not been substantially completed. The Council has undertaken a review of those allocations which do not yet have planning permission to consider if the allocation should be retained within the development strategy. It has also undertaken a light touch review of those allocations policies and criterion for development. In some cases development has commenced and may be substantially underway. However, for the purposes of ensuring there remains a planning framework in place throughout the period of delivery, those allocations have also been carried forward. Care has been taken to ensure that completions and remaining extant permissions have been accounted for, to ensure there is no double counting. Further details are set out in a housing supply table for each settlement and in the individual site allocations policies.

  • What evidence have we prepared?

    In 2021, the Council prepared a ‘Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (or ‘SHELAA’) which is a list of sites that potentially can be allocated for housing (or employment/other purposes). Inclusion of a site in the SHELAA list does not necessarily imply the Council would allocate the site for development or grant planning permission for development, with only a small proportion of the SHELAA sites proposed for allocation in the draft Local Plan.  The main report forms part of the Local Plan library, with full details and a series of documents setting out the detailed appraisals for sites promoted in each settlement is available on the Council’s website here. 

    The Council has also updated the Settlement Hierarchy Background Paper which considered the services and facilities currently available in each of the settlements in the Plan area.

    In support of this consultation, the Council has prepared and published a Development Strategy and Site Assessment Background Paper, which sets out the how the level and distribution of development proposed in this draft Plan was determined.  It also forms part of the Local Plan Library.  

  • Winchester Town Allocations

    The area referred to by the city council as Winchester Town consists of the Winchester Wards plus the adjoining built up areas of Badger Farm, Oliver’s Battery and Harestock, as defined on the Policies Map.

    Please find the link to the Winchester Town Allocations here. (pdf, 2.1mb)

    The full Regulation 18 draft Local Plan can be viewed here Regulation 18 draft Local Plan (pdf, 24.7mb)

  • South Hampshire Urban Areas 

    The ‘South Hampshire Urban Area’ is a local response to meet the challenges presented by a significant part of the district being located within the Partnership for South Hampshire (PfSH). The city council is a member of PfSH, a grouping of local authorities in southern Hampshire which has been formed to work together on economic and spatial strategy.

    Please find a link to the South Hampshire Urban Areas allocations here. (pdf, 1.8mb)

    The full Regulation 18 draft Local Plan can be viewed here Regulation 18 draft Local Plan (pdf, 24.7mb)

  • The Market Towns and Rural Area

    The Local Plan’s development strategy identifies three ‘spatial areas’ within Winchester District (Policy SP2). The ‘Market Towns and Rural Area’ is the largest in area, covering that part of the district outside Winchester Town and the South Hampshire Urban Areas. It includes all the rural settlements and undeveloped countryside outside the South Downs National Park. 

    Please find a link to The Market Towns and Rural Areas allocations here. (pdf, 5.2mb)

    The full Regulation 18 draft Local Plan can be viewed here Regulation 18 draft Local Plan (pdf, 24.7mb)