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Past Consultation Responses

  • Strategic Issues and Priorities Consultation

    Please find the link to the Strategic Issues and Priorities Document here. (pdf, 1mb)

    Consultation on the Strategic Issues and Priorities’ Document, which considers the key issues and priorities which need to be addressed in our Local Plan, took place between 15th February and 12th April 2021. All of the feedback that has been received from the Strategic Issues & Priorities consultation document is now being used to help us inform and develop a new draft Local Plan (Regulation 18).

    The analysis of the comments that have been submitted on the Local Plan vision and growth strategy were reported to LPAG on 29th September the meeting/agenda can be found here.

    The analysis of the comments of 5 more key issues (Delivery and Success of the Local Plan, Living Well, Low Carbon Infrastructure, Local Plan Viability and Promoting Sustainable Transport) were reported to LPAG on 24th November the meeting/agenda can be found here.

    The analysis of the comments of the final key issues (Carbon Neutrality, Conserving and Enhancing the Historic Environment, Creating a Vibrant Economy, Homes for All, Sustainable Development Objectives, Biodiversity and the Natural Environment, and General Comments) were reported to LPAG on 13th December the meeting/agenda will be found here

  • Local Plan Launch Consultation

    The Council undertook an initial consultation on the range of issues that the Local Plan should cover. The consultation ran for 6 weeks over the summer of 2018. A total of 146 responses were received which can be seen here. You can find a summary of these responses here (pdf, 79kb).