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Local Plan Monitoring Framework


It is essential that the policies that are included in the Local Plan are effective and more importantly, they are delivering the Plan’s vision and objectives. Every December the council publishes a Authorities Monitoring Report (AMR). The AMR plays an important role in monitoring the existing Local Plan as it currently includes a range of indicators relating to housing (which covers a range of housing matters including housing completions, the existing adopted housing requirement, five-year housing land supply, projected long term housing trajectory) as well as monitoring the policy performance of range of other existing policies including the delivery of affordable housing. Employment and retail floorspace are also regularly monitored in terms of completions, requirement and predicted supply. The council also monitors the amount of money collected and spent through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

The Monitoring Framework outlines how the council intends to monitor the policies that have been included in this Local Plan in the AMR once the Local Plan has gone through all of its formal stages and been adopted. The AMR will use a wide range of data and indicators in order to assess whether the objectives of the policy are being met. By undertaking this monitoring it will provide an early indication of whether certain policies could be improved or are not effective which may trigger the need for the council to consider a partial or full review of the Local Plan.

Please find the link to the framework in the Regulation 18 draft Local Plan (pdf, 24.7mb)