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The Historic Environment

  • Background

    The historic environment of Winchester District has a wealth of iconic heritage assets that are a major cultural and environmental strength of the district and are important contributors to the character and significance, local distinctness, and cultural identity of the individual settlements. Cultural heritage contributes significantly to the quality of life for local residents and makes a substantial contribution to the district’s economy, attracting investment and supporting tourism in the district. The exceptional quality of the landscape, heritage, and built environment are some of the core reasons why people want to live, work in and visit the district.

    The historic environment is an irreplaceable resource that needs to be protected and enhanced for the benefit of current and future generations. Currently there are 110 Scheduled Monuments, 2,271 listed buildings, 11 historic parks and gardens, 37 Conservation Areas and a historic battlefield at Cheriton, which fall within the Winchester District.

  • Why is it important for our Local Plan to deal with this?

    In accordance with the NPPF, the Local Plan needs to set out a positive strategy for the conservation and enjoyment of the historic environment. 

    Heritage assets are an irreplaceable resource and should be conserved in a manner that is appropriate to their significance so that they can be enjoyed for future generations. We must carefully consider where new development is located in order to ensure that important heritage assets are not adversely affected.

    One challenge for the Local Plan is understanding how it could be used to support energy efficiency improvements to Listed Buildings without adversely affecting the breathability of the built fabric or harm the features of interest (Policy HE14). 

  • What evidence have we commissioned?

    The Contents on this topic has been informed by reviewing the existing heritage policies in the Council's adopted Local Plan, changes to legislation, best practice and informal discussions that have taken place with Historic England and the city council's heritage team.

  • The Historic Environment topic

    Please find the link to The Historic Environment topic here. (pdf, 987kb)

    You can view the full Regulation 18 draft Local Plan in the box below.

  • Regulation 18 Consultation Plan (Full document)

    Please click the link to view the Regulation 18 draft Local Plan (pdf, 24.7mb)