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The interactive map below will allow you to see how the emerging policies in the Local Plan might influence your local area.

The Plan Map

What the plan means for you

As it develops, the Local Plan will set out policies which will help determine the approach to development in the area in the future. Sites may be allocated for particular purposes, such as housing, or other types of land use needed in the district. Policies will provide the framework against which future planning applications will be assessed. At this stage we are not proposing specific locations for development or ‘site allocations’ in the district. For now, we are consulting on the high level strategy, and the key issues to be addressed in the Local plan, when it is written.


The Plan Map

The Local Plan will relate to the area of Winchester district which is not covered by the South Downs National Park. The interactive map shown here will be developed through the course of the Local Plan process to show how the emerging plan might influence land near you. For example, if sites are allocated for particular land uses, such as new housing, they will be identified on this plan. Please do let us now if there are any particular data sets you would like to see include here in future. You can email us with suggestions at For now, the map shows land which has been put forward by developers/promoters as possible development sites, as part of our “SHELAA” process. SHELAA sites will not necessarily be allocated for development – it is simply an indication that the land has been put forward for consideration by developers/promoters. We are not yet seeking views on specific SHELAA sites - but there will still be a chance to have your say on any possible site allocations once the broad development strategy has been decided. For more information on the SHELAA process refer to

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